Star Wars: The Old Republic

A scenic view of origin planet Hutta, first of the three primary planets I was responsible for.
A scenic view of desert planet Tatooine, second of the three primary planets I was responsible for.
A scenic view of planet Belsavis, third of the three primary planets I was responsible for.
The blue nodes represent the cover system, used by the Agent and Smuggler player classes in combat; a staged mob firefight takes place in the midground.
Ambient NPCs interacting in the Jiguuna bazaar on Hutta; I was responsible for NPC creation and placement as well as idle animation assignment.
An enemy mob encounter, on the lookout for any unwary players; I was responsible for enemy creation, placement, idles and combat packages.
An enemy mob patrolling his corner of planet Tatooine; the yellow path network informs his route.
The green network indicates the AI pathing grid; I was responsible for grid generation, ensuring that enemies pursued and companions followed the player.
The player rounds a corner on her speeder bike taxi, passing by a vehicle wreck in the deserts of Tatooine.
The player's taxi nears its destination platform, its route indicated by the green path. I constructed the planet-wide taxi network for several planets.
An overhead view of one of the major hubs of the Tatooine taxi network. The red, blue and purple lines are placed to generate the roads on the player map.
An Imperial med-center, where the player respawns after being defeated. I was responsible for defining the area each med-center claims jurisdiction over.
This astromech droid offers his services as a trainer for the player's Cybertech crafting skill; I created many like him across several planets.
A medium armor vendor hocks his wares on Tatooine, while a mouse droid scurries along the length of the marketplace.
An overhead view of a dense cluster of harvesting nodes, guarded by a pair of Sand People encounters; I set up every harvesting node on Tatooine.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – BioWare MMORPG

World Designer

  • > Worked on world design team responsible for mob creation/placement, idle animations, patrols, AI pathing, cover system, combat abilities, vendors, crafting stations, harvesting nodes, player respawn system, bind point system, taxi networks, elevators, and map roads
  • > Personally responsible for spawning-related polish, updates and documentation for 3 planets
  • > Contributed to project’s story-driven gameplay focus through thoughtful mob/NPC composition, arrangement and animations — as well as placement of support props and cover objects — designed to sell the narrative for each given locale
  • > Directly involved in world/quest flow design planning for several planets
  • > Responsible for gray-boxing several world hubs on multiple planets
  • > Constructed and iterated on actual blockout for multiple world hubs on two different planet