Lost Treasure of Boethia – Oblivion

The villagers of Layette tell you a little about the area and advise you to visit the village leader if you have official business.
The village leader tells you of a treasure hoard of the Daedric Prince, Boethia, in a cave nearby, and warns of goblins.
One of the side quests includes gathering ingredients for Layette's alchemist, who is working on a rare potion.
The village is marked by beautiful landscaping, including many flowerbeds and a large tree in the center of the town square.
The fenced-in village gardens nearby contains a variety of flowers and well-tended crops.
The rock-studded fields of Layette Valley in the light of a setting sun.
Another side quest involves rescuing an unfortunate traveler from captivity at the hands of cave goblins.
After a long trek through the cave system, the player comes upon the chamber devoted to Boethia.
After slaying Daedra of far-greater power than the village leader had indicated, the player learns a terrible secret at the feet of Boethia's statue...

[Feature Image: The lake southeast of the village is a favorite relaxation spot for the villagers of Layette.]


Lost Treasure of Boethia – The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The player happens upon the small village of Layette in Cyrodiil, hearing from the village leader about a lost relic of the Daedric Prince, Boethia, hidden in a nearby cave. The player must locate and explore the cave, fighting through a variety of daedric creatures before encountering a shrine to Boethia, where the player soon learns that all is not as it seems… Sub-quests include assisting the village alchemist with collecting ingredients for a special elixir, and rescuing a man imprisoned by goblins in a sub-section of the nearby cave.

Development Time: less than 5 weeks including design doc.