Harvest – Unreal Tournament 3 Mod

The Lurker observes the streets of Dunwich and the city's proud clock-tower from a unique vantage point.
Another of the Lurker's supernatural talents is the ability to leap great distances.
Between wall-climbing and leaping, the Lurker can reach nearly any conceivable position from which to spring an attack.
With each human the Lurker kills, the swarm descends a little further, coming one step closer to unleashing swarmlings that will extinguish all life in the city.
The human resistance starts their mission armed with steam-powered weapons from Dr. Chuffy's brightly-lit laboratory.
Each steam node the humans activate provides a fresh source of steam for their weapons.
Activating a steam node also sends steam through pipes to the next node, allowing it to be activated next.
Getting steam all the way to the final node and activating it releases enough steam to burn away the swarm.
The human resistance is made up of brave men and women; one such woman is shown here, standing alongside the famous Narwhal Fountain of Dunwich.

[Feature Image: The Lurker has almost supernatural mobility, including the ability to scale walls with ease.]


HarvestUnreal Tournament 3 Mod

Lead Level Designer

Harvest mixes cooperative, Left 4 Dead style gameplay with the Onslaught gametype from Unreal Tournament into a cel-shaded, steam punk world. Use the power of steam to fight off the Umbral descending upon the abandoned city of Dunwich like a poisonous cloud, or play as the Lurker and usher in the impending darkness…

Development Time: less than 8 weeks (including design documentation) on a 9-man team.