DM18 – Unreal Tournament 3

The level consists of multiple space-platforms on multiple tiers, all tied together by jump-pads.
The orange and creme-lit rings separate and converge as the battle rages, providing visual interest and activity.
The platforms give off colored lighting that indicates which end of the level the player is on at a glance.
The orbiting outer-ring of platforms provide excellent moving sniper positions.
The orbiting ring of platforms is accessible from 4 long-jump pads from the main gameplay area, and can be exited by one of many jump-pads along the way.
The outer-ring offers the advantage of being a moving target without actually having to move, with the disadvantage of having to aim while in motion.
Corner view
The jumpad on the platform that extends toward the player on the left here provides access to the outer-ring of platforms.
Central platforms view (1)
The small platform in the center provides indirect access to the top level and direct access to the platforms on the left or right.
Central platforms view (2)
Top-center platform view
Bottom-center platform view
Bottom-right platform view

[Feature Image: The three, large rings with blue lights rotate slowly, as the orange and cream-lit bands rotate in opposite directions to each other.]


DM18 Unreal Tournament 3

This sixteen-player Unreal Tournament III DeathMatch map takes place on a satellite orbiting the earth. The play-space partially mimics the classic Quake 3 Arena “DM17” level flow, with a modified, mirrored take on that layout. Significant gameplay features include a fast-paced, jump-pad focused level flow and a distant ring of platforms orbiting the level for power-up hunters and snipers on the go.

Development Time: less than 4 weeks including design doc.